AIR2GROUND is a commissionable and truly unique aerial video and photography service. From Television to Real Estate promotion, A2G is committed to providing you with photography from exactly the angles you imagine, in order to give your project the exciting edge that viewers love to see.

Air2Ground | "That Magnificent Man in his Flying Machine"
As featured in one of Spain's most established and award winning magazines | Essential Magazine

Daniel Posner is no ordinary photographer. He is one of the very few professionals brave enough to tackle the complex logistics involved in placing himself, and his camera high up in the sky in order to capture breath-taking images.

It goes without saying that Aerial Photography is not for the faint-hearted, but Daniel's unique approach takes the fear factor to new heights.

Using a Paramotor (think petrol driven fan) strapped to his back and suspended by just a small harness linked to a fabric wing, he is able to climb up to 4,000 meters, and often ventures up to 4km out to sea, in order to capture the vision he and his clients are after. "I know it sounds unusual, but basically, this little machine transports me to my studio," he explains.

Welcome to Daniel's unique world of minimalist Aerial Photography, no planes, no helicopters and no interiors!